DMP Artist

Art Department

Herne Hill Media is a creative production studio, complete with in-house Art, Creature, Editorial, and Visual Effects Departments.

We collaborate with A-list directors, production teams, and filmmakers to develop projects from conception to completion. We embrace innovative approaches to design and workflows, where the artist is encouraged to run with their ideas and inspiration. We’re dedicated to offering a modern and safe working environment, including work-from-home, in-studio, or hybrid options. Embedded in this effort is support for one another in the moments that matter, both inside and outside the workplace.


Create photo-realistic foreground, mid-ground, and background digital paintings for integration in live-action plates.

Perform tasks related to integrating imagery into shots, preserving a unified sense of lighting, perspective, and colour.

Develop all types of visual concept work for projects to develop the look of shots and sequences.

Integrate matte paintings into 3D environments using Maya and/or Nuke.

Work closely with the VFX Supervisor to ensure that plates meet planned concept design requirements.

Acquire or provide photographic reference materials.

Share techniques, reference materials and ideas with the team

Promote a positive, productive, and collaborative work environment.

DMP Artist

Art Department


3+ years experience as a DMP artist.

A portfolio that demonstrates production quality matte paintings.

A traditional arts background with an emphasis on photo-realistic work and
environments is desirable.

An excellent sense of composition.

Knowledge of 3d modelling, rendering, and 2D compositing software.

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and an understanding of Maya.

A strong understanding of the entire visual effects process.

Experience working with shoot data; including photographic and reference data, HDRIs
and photogrammetry.

DMP Artist

Art Department


Located in the heart of the Liberty Village neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario is Herne Hill’s studio. Our state of the art screening room is uniquely designed for remote sessions, while the natural light of the kitchen allows our custom fitted green screen to pop whenever we need. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to lunch or late-night food offerings, and the relaxed, family friendly atmosphere of the neighbourhood permeates the workspace to challenge the grinding mentality and remind us that our work, while sometimes challenging, is ultimately exciting and rewarding.

DMP Artist

Art Department

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