Unreal Engine Lighting Artist


Herne Hill Media is a creative production studio, complete with in-house Art, Creature, Editorial, and Visual Effects Departments.

We collaborate with A-list directors, production teams, and filmmakers to develop projects from conception to completion. We embrace innovative approaches to design and workflows, where the artist is encouraged to run with their ideas and inspiration. We’re dedicated to offering a modern and safe working environment, including work-from-home, in-studio, or hybrid options. Embedded in this effort is support for one another in the moments that matter, both inside and outside the workplace.


Create high-quality visual effects in Unreal and Houdini while respecting the aesthetic vision of the project.

Implement art assets and ensure they meet technical and performance requirements in real-time environments.

Create and maintain tools and workflows for art asset creation, optimization, and integration into Virtual Production solutions.

Create high-end (photorealistic and stylized) 3D environments in Unreal Engine.

Lighting and Layouts for Unreal Engine environments.

Create and use materials, textures, and shaders in Unreal Engine.

Find creative solutions to solve technical and artistic problems.

Manage and optimize rendering settings to achieve the desired look and maintain rendering efficiency.

Stay on top of the latest trends and explores new techniques and tools for developing visual effects content.

Inspire and maintain a collaborative work dynamic with all creative departments.

Unreal Engine Lighting Artist



At least 3 years of experience in Unreal Engine 3D generalist role, with a focus on Lighting.

Experience in creating optimized and visually stunning 3D content for real-time environments.

Good knowledge of content creation software (Houdini, Maya, Nuke, etc.).

A strong portfolio showcasing your skills and experience in Virtual Production and lighting.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

Knowledge of blueprint programming in Unreal, an asset.

Shader creation experience may be beneficial as Unreal Engine has a robust shader system.

Strong attention to detail.

Strong problem-solving skills.

Good communication and organizational skills.

Unreal Engine Lighting Artist



Located in the heart of the Liberty Village neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario is Herne Hill’s studio. Our state of the art screening room is uniquely designed for remote sessions, while the natural light of the kitchen allows our custom fitted green screen to pop whenever we need. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to lunch or late-night food offerings, and the relaxed, family friendly atmosphere of the neighbourhood permeates the workspace to challenge the grinding mentality and remind us that our work, while sometimes challenging, is ultimately exciting and rewarding.

Unreal Engine Lighting Artist


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