Brittany Amos

Production Manager

Britt Amos is a Production Manager at Herne Hill Media.

What kind of coffee / hot drink do you like?

Americano is my go-to drink. A cortado if I’m feeling fancy! 

What is your favourite movie?

Just one!? It’s so hard to choose. Best In Show is definitely up there. And Beetlejuice!

What led you to work in this field? Or someone who inspired you in your career?

I’ve always loved movies and everything that happens behind the scenes. I was already working in the film industry, developing my projects and working in production. So, it was a natural fit for me when I moved to Toronto and got an entry-level job at a VFX studio. 

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

Teleportation, for sure. 

What makes a good coworker?

A team player who is reliable and a good communicator. Someone who can roll with the punches. Extra points if you can have a laugh or two along the way.