Colin Hui

Pipeline Developer/Crowd Supervisor

Colin Hui is a Pipeline Developer and Crowd Supervisor at Herne Hill Media.

What kind of coffee / hot drink do you like?
No coffee. Only black and green tea.

What led you to work in this field? Or someone who inspired you in your career?
I always had one foot in technology and the other foot in visual arts. It was by accident that I got into Crowds. Back in the day, I was hired to write pipeline tools. But the Crowd TD left, and I was asked to take on the shots. The rest is history.
What is your favourite movie?
The original Star Wars trilogy.

What makes a good co-worker?
Eagerness to learn new things. Respectful. Good communicator. Like sushi and a willingness to try Natto.

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?
Clone myself so I can do a million things at once.