Dave Sauro

Partner/Executive Producer

Dave Sauro comes to Herne Hill with over a decade of industry experience. Having started his career in Production, he worked under the tutelage of highly esteemed film producers such as Mary Parent, Sean Daniel, and Callum Greene before pivoting into visual effects when he joined the Toronto-based MR.X in 2016.

Though he was brought on to fill a traditional VFX production role, it didn’t take long for the founder of MR. X, Dennis Berardi, to realize that Sauro’s extensive understanding of the entertainment industry and background in film production would be best served in a business development role. In September of 2021, after more than five successful years, Sauro left MR.X to join Berardi as the Executive Producer here at Herne Hill Media.

He aims to explore new opportunities for visually-driven projects while continuing the legacy of client engagement for which he’s become known.