Jeremy Johnson

DFX Supervisor

Jeremy Johnson is the DFX Supervisor at Herne Hill Media.

What kind of coffee / hot drink do you like?
My favorite kind of coffee is Tim Hortons 2 sugar one cream

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?
This one is random but if I could have one superpower it would be the ability to flick and pop my skateboard tricks like Luan Oliveira. He is a real-life superhero!

What is your favourite movie?
Empire Strikes Back

What led you to work in this field? Or someone who inspired you in your career?
I was doing commercial work for the Vancouver Olympics on Athletes profiles. They ran them on the television and as preshow spots in the theaters. I was in the theater and got to see my work on the big screen which was amazing. After that I decided to try and transfer my Motion Graphics skills to the big screen.

What makes a good coworker?
A good co-worker is someone who truly enjoys their work and has fun while they create. We’re making movies and we should always try and keep it lighthearted and fun.