Nikita Lebedev

Senior Creature Artist/Concept Artist

Nikita Lebedev is a Senior Creature Artist and Concept Artist at Herne Hill Media.

What kind of coffee / hot drink do you like?
A nice cup of latte or flat white with no sugar is my all time favorite

What led you to work in this field? Or someone who inspired you in your career?
I’ve always loved making art and watching movies. I remember watching Pan’s Labyrinth in 2006 and thinking how amazing it would be to work for Del Toro on his movie one day. At a time I didn’t know much English and just started learning 3d by reading few books that were available around. So it was just a dream. Also movies like Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, Alien – were some of my favorites growing up and I ended up working with all these directors! Life is an interesting thing 🙂

What is your favourite movie?

What makes a good co-worker?
Friendly attitude and passion for the craft

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?
Teleportation like in the movie Jumper