Tie Gambacurta

Matchmove/Layout Supervisor

Tie Gambacurta is the Matchmove and Layout Supervisor at Herne Hill Media.

What kind of coffee / hot drink do you like?
A home made soup broth. The kind of broth that you leave simmering on low for 6 hours and put yummy veggies, animal bones and spices in it.

What led you to work in this field? Or someone who inspired you in your career?
It all starts with a spark. In my case, I was 8 and went to my first movie theatre to watch “Jurassic Park”. I left the theatre shaking and terrified for hours. It started the curiosity into the how they did it. Fast forward to high school, where each classroom had tv’s to broadcast the morning announcements. I had to be a part of that. I saw a weather network broadcast where the weather person had worn a green tie and that section of their body disappeared due to using a chroma key. I decided to replicate it but instead of just my tie I would paint an entire body suit with gloves green. I built a paper mâché fish on a hockey helmet, set up another camera to shoot a fishbowl with the bubbles and a castle. Well, I was hooked to making more content on this fantastic medium.

What is your favourite movie?
I am a sucker for B films where the budget isn’t all there and they use whatever they must make it work and tell the story.

What makes a good co-worker?
Friendly, eager to learn, to be open to ideas, a good listener (can repeat back what was asked of them), keeps you accountable, confident with decisions they make, say if they don’t know something, and honest if they didn’t do something.

If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?
Omnipotence or doing what I can do in CG in the real world.